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Benchmark FR 3118FRBCBH Blue Collar Brotherhood Shirt

SKU: 3118FRBCBH-Small
Type: Shirt


It’s hard to put into words the passion and dedication that Blue Collar Brotherhood has for their fellow men and women with callouses on their hands and dirt under their nails. They have spent years creating a community of people who are proud and patriotic about hard work they do every day to build this country.

Many of the people who support Blue Collar Brotherhood work in environments which require arc and flame resistant protection so Benchmark and Blue Collar Brotherhood have partnered with them to make a series of t-shirts which can be worn on the job and protect against arc flash and flash fire. High Quality, Made in the USA and FR for Life.

Stop & Wash: The graphic t-shirts are treated with a nontoxic water based treatment, around and under, the graphic. This acts as a primer so the color is vibrant and does not soak into the fibers of the shirt during printing. A new t-shirt can feel slightly “starchy” due to this treatment; we suggest washing your flame resistant graphical t-shirt in cold water prior to wearing.

Laundry & Care: To preserve the graphic we suggest you wash cold or warm temperature using liquid or powder detergent. Tumble dry using low heat. Do not use bleach. Click here for complete instructions.


  • Arc Rating (ATPV) - 8.9 cal/cm2
  • HRC/ARC Level 2
  • NFPA 70E Compliant
  • NFPA 2112 Compliant
  • OSHA 1910.269
  • OSHA 1910.960
  • Meets ASTM F1506
  • NESC 2012
  • Color: 3118FRBCBH Black or Blue
  • Sizes: Small - 3XL